The Journaling Yogi

Saturday, Jan 4th 5pm-6:30pm $20 including journal $10 no journal

Let’s explore Yoga & Journaling! Through gentle movements, breath, soft music and candlelight, we will focus on becoming aware of our thoughts, energy and actions – connecting to who we truly are-our authentic self -connecting mind, body & soul. Take your yoga practice to the next level. Come play and explore in a fun, safe and supportive environment. Spend time in your practice, then take the time to write about it! All levels are welcome!

Because our human experience is so complex, having supplemental tools to support the yogic process is vital. Journaling is a beautiful and very personal way to expand upon your time on the mat. A Yoga practice is full of “ah-ha” moments and often those precious nuggets of wisdom get lost because we roll up our mats and walk away without engaging with follow-up practices that give space to explore and provide roots for revelations.

Yoga is so much more than movement; Yoga is the science of and relationship to the Self. Yoga & Journaling go together like peas & carrots. How? Through the yogic concept of svadhyaya or self-study. Your journal, like your mat, is your refuge, a place where you can let your guard down, discover who you really are, and celebrate that discovery. It helps you answer questions: Who am I? How am I feeling? What do I want/need? It is also a place where you can ask questions! ?

Join Lisa Bromfield Jan 4th 5pm. Every student will receive a Journal to keep. You will have 4 designs to choose from with one being a blank cover allowing you to be creative! Decorate and make your journal personal! Colored pencils and markers provided! Please feel free to arrive at 4:30pm to decorate & connect with your journal! $20 first class (includes journal) each class after $10.

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