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We passionately believe EVERYONE should practice yoga! The benefits are numerous!

Yoga should NOT be a luxury, but a necessity. Yoga helps us to stay strong and flexible: mentally, emotionally and physically.

Your individual experience with yoga will be unique to you and will develop over time. One of the amazing things about yoga is that your practice is always evolving and changing, so it never gets boring! Anyone can start a yoga practice. Not flexible? Not very strong? No problem. If you make the commitment, yoga can and will help! Join us and let’s play! Explore! Let’s have some fun! Let’s see where your yoga practice takes you!

We welcome and encourage you to find the Yoga class right for YOU!

Sacred Moments Massage and Healing Center and Yoga Studio Oviedo

Yoga Class Pricing

$25 – First Time Student Special: 3 Classes / Exp. 14 day

$18 – Drop In

$10 – Full Time Student Single Class
High School /Full-time College Students (Must show ID)

$10 – Senior 65+ Single Class

$70 – 5 Class Package: Exp. 60 days

$130 – 10 Class Package: Exp. 3 months/90 days

$220 – 20 Class Package: Exp. 4 months/120 days

$125 - One Month Unlimited/30 days No Contract/No Auto Pay

*Mat Rental $2

Yoga Studio


Sacred Moments Massage and Healing Center was established in 2004. It has always been our goal to create a safe place where people can come for healing on all levels. It is our wish to help. We have always had a strong belief in yoga and believe everybody should and can practice yoga.

In 2017, Sacred Moments expanded and added a 1200 square foot yoga studio to the Center: Sacred Moments Yoga Studio. We put much thought into the space. We created a beautiful studio for you to practice. The energy is calming, playful, whimsical, airy, light and fun! Light blues and lavenders are on the walls. Magical lighting throughout the studio. We chose flooring that is softer on the joints than traditional wood/laminate floors. Our floors are also anti-microbial, hypo-allergenic and 100% waterproof. Therefore, we can steam clean our floors keeping your studio germ free! We have tried to create a space for you that is fun, playful and calming. We understand yoga can be intimidating! Hopefully, you will find our studio less intimidating.

Why We Choose The Elephant As Our Logo

Who doesn’t love an elephant? They just seem to make you smile! But, did you know, the elephant is a symbol of strength, power, stability, patience and wisdom. Also, divinity, benevolence, goodwill, loyalty, and longevity.

The elephant is highly revered for its strength and power. It is the most positive animal symbol known with no negative consequence.

We believe many lessons can be learned from the elephant. An elephant herd is considered one of the most closely knit societies of any animal, and a female will only leave it if she dies or is captured by humans.

Elephant shows how Powerful love and loyalty become when shared. Elephant intuitively knows that not all “family” is bound by blood.

Elephant loves seekers and students.

The strength of an elephant is tremendous. No other animal can match its strength. It knows it’s own strength. She is confident and is aware of her own power. The power of the elephant can bring strength to you when you feel weak.

As a symbol of strength, the elephant inspires us to be strong and patient at the same time. Patience is one of the elephant’s main attributes. Even though it is so large, its size is not equal to its speed, because it does not require it. It relies on conscious thought and patience to meet all its needs. Patience is a powerful gift when it is understood. Patience seems to slow time itself making it easier to react to all situations in a calm and confident manner.

Elephants are nurturers and remind us not only to nurture others but nurture ourselves. We must look after ourselves beyond physically sustaining ourselves, nurturing our minds and souls in addition to our bodies. We tend to forget this when we are caught up in the chaos and trivialities of our daily lives. The elephant symbol can remind us that sometimes we need to go back to the basics.

It is for all these reasons and more why we choose the beautiful Elephant to be our logo and why you will find the Elephant painted on our studio wall. She reminds us to be strong, patient & playful. To nurture ourselves and others. That you are part of our family and safe with us. That you are powerful!

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